Scoliosis Treatment in St. Petersburg

All Florida Orthopaedic Associates has the staff and equipment to treat all degrees of scoliosis. Scoliosis is a medical condition in which the spine is curved in a C or S shape. It is often present at birth, but can develop at any stage in life. Most cases of scoliosis do not have a known origin, but some can be attributed to medical conditions. Some disorders like spin bifida, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy can contribute to scoliosis. A tumor or infection can also result in a curvature of the spine. The key to treating scoliosis is early detection and monitoring. Severe cases of scoliosis are rare, and only 10% of patients with a 10 degree curve need corrective treatment. If severe cases are left untreated, they can cause debilitating pain and even an inability to walk unassisted.

Treatment for Scoliosis in St. Petersburg

Even in mild cases, slightly misaligned hips can cause pain during every day tasks. For mild cases (25 degree curve or less) quarterly checkups to observe changes or stability of the curve may be sufficient treatment. For adults, using a light pain medication and anti-inflammatory can help reduce pain associated with scoliosis. Furthermore, mild cases may be improved by strength and stretching exercises alone. For moderate cases (25-40 degree curves), a back brace may used for treatment. This is to correct the misalignment and to prevent further changes. For curves with a 40 degree or higher, a brace may not be able to correct the problem. For adults, surgery to fuse the vertebrae together, or implants to keep the spine aligned may be an option for treatment. After surgery, physical therapy may improve range of motion and strength. AFOPA determines treatment options based on the age of the patient, degree of curve, and skeletal age.

Scoliosis Surgery in St. Petersburg

There are two options for scoliosis surgery and while they do not always result in a perfectly aligned spine, they will balance the spinal column and prevent worsening. A spinal fusion joins the vertebrae together in a straight line creating a solid mass of bone. This procedure stabilizes the spine and prevents further curvature. The other option for surgery is a instrumentation without fusion, a procedure where rods are implanted for stabilization, but without fusing the bones together. This is the primary option for children, but results in a brace full time post surgery. Surgery is usually an option reserved for the most severe cases, or after bracing is not effective. Scoliosis surgery for children is debatable, because the spine may not be finished growing and the child will have restrictions for up to a year. In some cases though, it is the only option. AFOPA is currently available for consultations regarding scoliosis surgery in St. Petersburg.

All Florida Orthopaedic Associates has years of experience treating scoliosis and getting excellent results. Their knowledgable staff can answer any questions you may have, and will enhance your overall experience with their hospitality. If you need scoliosis treatment in St. Petersburg, there is no better option than AFOPA. Call us today to schedule a consult!