Herniated Disc Treatment in St. Petersburg

Living in Florida with a herniated disc can be a debilitating condition. It can cause severe pain and sometimes numbness or tinging, interfering with a busy and active lifestyle. The spine is made up of vertebrae (bones) and in between each bone is a disc that provides cushion. The discs are designed to absorb shock and allow the spine to remain flexible. While the discs are usually pretty pliable, certain activities can cause them to burst or bulge. Depending on the damage, it may be referred to as a herniated, slipped, or ruptured disc. Although any disc can be damaged, the ones in the lower back are most susceptible because they are commonly used when lifting heavy objects. Injuries to the spine can make cracks or tears in crisp outer layer of the disc. This allows the gel to leak out, compressing the vertebrae. Although some ruptured discs are a direct result of an activity, many are caused by general wear and tear and aging of the discs. As time progresses, discs dry out and lose their flexibility, making them prone to tearing. While not life threatening, this condition can be extremely painful. All Florida Orthopaedic Associates specializes in pain relief and herniated disc treatment in St. Petersburg and is waiting for your call!

What is Herniated Disc Treatment?

An orthopedist can diagnose a herniated disc through a physical exam, CT Scan, or MRI. Treatment depends on the severity and condition of the disc. Conservative treatments may include pain relief or steroid medications and physical therapy. There are a variety of chiropractic techniques that may also offer relief. Epidural steroid injections can be administered as a pain relief option. There are however, specific circumstances in which surgery for a herniated disc is eminent. After 4-6 weeks of conservative treatments with no relief, a patient may consider more invasive treatment. If a patient has serious weakness in arms and legs due to a pinched nerve, surgery may be the best treatment to regain function quickly and reduce permanent damage.

There are two types Lumbar Decompression Surgery: microdisectomy (or microdecompression) and lumbar laminectomy (open decompression). A microdesectomy is a minimal procedure in which the bulging part of the disc under the nerve root is removed. By providing more space, the nerve root can begin to heal because the pressure is relieved. This procedure has recently been revamped, using a small incision and minimal soft tissue dissection that results in much faster healing. A lumbar laminectomy is typically reserved for older patients that have degenerative disc conditions, and involves removing part of the bone and may include removal of part of the bulging disc as well. This results in creating a space for the nerve root to heal.

While there are various different treatment options, the key is to find an orthopedist that listens to your specific needs. If you need herniated disc treatment in St. Petersburg, call AFOPA now. We have the best orthopedists and the most treatment options. Our experience and reputation is bar none; we are committed to providing the best healthcare experience and fastest pain relief possible. All Florida Orthopaedic Associates can help! Don't live with pain any longer than necessary, contact us now at (727) 527-5272. Get back to the pain free life that you crave!