Hand/Wrist Surgery

Post-Operative Orders

Instructions for Carpal Tunnel Release, Ligament Reconstruction-Tendon Interposition, and Hand Surgery

  • Depending on the type of hand surgery you have had, you can expect:
    • A cast - plaster or fiberglass
    • A splint (plaster underneath with ace wrap)
    • A soft dressing
  • Until your first post-op visit, you should leave the dressing/cast on. DO NOT REMOVE.
  • Keep dressing/cast clean and dry. DO NOT GET WET.
  • You may, and should, elevate your hand on pillows above your heart.
  • Exercise your hand while in the cast/dressing. (ex: making a fist or moving your fingers).
  • You may use ice on your hand; 20 minutes on/20 minutes off. DO NOT apply ice directly to your skin. If placing ice on the splint or cast itself, first cover with a dry cloth.
  • Take pain medication as directed by your physician.
  • Call the office if you have a temperature above 101.0, drainage, unusual redness, or if you experience persistant pain with numbness and/or skin color change unrelieved with ice and elevation.
  • Call the office within 2 days after your surgery to schedule a post-op visit with your physician.